Welcome to Core Computations! This is my first ever blog post and I would like to share this occasion with everyone by saying I’m glad you found your way here. The purpose of this blog is to share useful technical information with others in an open forum. The topics will all be related to math, science, engineering, technology, or computingin some way. My hope is that I can provide tutorials for both technical and simulation/modeling subject matter. I will attempt to fill in the blanks where I have had difficulties in the past and to also introduce you to some stimulating topics.

This documentation will also provide for useful reference notes. As I write this I am preparing the first real content-based post which will discuss the Galton Watson Process. I then have plans to tackle projects concerning OpenGL, CUDA/OpenCL, LaTeX, Phase Field Crystal, Linux, and Eclipse GUI programming. These will all be written in a way that will be easy to follow, even for beginners.For those interested in starting a blog I would like to give you my reasons for choosing WordPress. Of the options out there for blogging, WordPress is free and is simple to use. Specifically, it is easy to incorporate code syntax highlighting and equations in LaTeX form. WordPress also has a huge user base meaning that long term support is very likely.

This is a part time personal project. Since I am currently employed full time I will try my best to add new content as often as possible. The content of this site is mine, however all the maintenance, editing, formatting, and design is a result of the efforts of my significant other. Without her help I would definitely be struggling to find time to get this project off the ground, and that is why I am thanking her right now — thank you! Also, I would like to state as a disclaimer the content here may have bugs in the code or errors, but I will do my best to minimize such undesirables.

Traditionally I’ve always been somewhat against the term “blog” which, according to Wikipedia, stems from joining the two words web and log together and has since then been shorted to blog. Something about the word makes me feel like its an onomatopoeia and I get a visual sensation of someone who has succumbed to food poisoning. So lets go with journey instead, as it has a more positive connotation and definitely sounds more adventurous. With the definition of this site now in place, I would like to again welcome you. I hope that you enjoy your stay!


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